Monday, 3 June 2013

News: Amazon Stops Pre-Orders for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Amazon is no longer listing Square Enix’s Final Fantasy versus XIII for pre-order on any of their sites, according to – a good site to be glued to if you harbour an over-developed love of Final Fantasy.  

The removal of the game (the reasons for which we can only speculate, but speculate we shall) might come as a surprise to some. For others it’s just another recipe for a heaving sigh and exaggerated eye roll; but for many it is the dry wood that starts the occasional forest fire of fury.

Or to use a more apt metaphor; it’s Ifrits’ Hellfire, and it comes after Amazon has already been taking pre-orders for several years.

Allow me to flesh out give you greater depth to this post information through some unnecessary screen grabs of each site: top results for Final Fantasy versus XIII show two games no-one likes or wants and ... a Final Fantasy versus XIII book?

... well, ok.

Over the web-lantic at things appear to be a little different – but aren’t they always. A caption for Final Fantasy versus XIII is still present with its status as ‘sign up to be notified…’ There’s also no book. I don’t know if that’s positive or negative.

HUZZAH! The book returns to the front of the search. Welcome back old friend! Also showing is the ‘TV game’ (thanks Google translate) Final Fantasy versus XIII. However there are two oddities with Amazon Japan’s posting. Firstly the game available is an ‘import version’ from North America- how exactly that works out is anyone’s guess- and there are 2 available for purchase from sellers on the site. Sneaky sneaky!

So what does this mean regarding the much anticipated next-next-next instalment of the ‘Fabula Nova Crystallis’ universe?

Recent rumour weavers have speculated that the next game will be a PS4 exclusive title. Other rumours are saying that it’s going to be re-branded as ‘Final Fantasy XV’. Less confirmed rumours are saying Tetsuya Nomura has lost his love of belts/buckles/zips and has found a new muse in dungarees/snap-wraps/fanny packs. Yay!

E3 is quickly approaching and whatever Square Enix has up its ridiculously long sleeves will likely be revealed on the battlefield. Or it might not; we don’t really know when it comes to Squeenix. 

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