Saturday, 15 June 2013

Banned If You Do, Banned If You Don’t: How Microsoft Can Stop You From Playing Your New Xbox One Games

Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox One will prohibit all access to your games connected to your Xbox Live account IF you get banned from Xbox Live.

This recent confirmation comes from Microsoft’s own twitter account: @XboxSupport1.

This ban also ties into any accounts that might be sharing your games i.e. your sibling/family/friend will lose access to the game. 

Whether this ban will completely block all the accounts on your Xbox One or solely the account in question is not yet clear. 

Nevertheless; if it’s the former then it will mean users will need to purchase a completely new console and create a new account in order to circumvent this ban and continue playing. Even then, it would be safe to guess that you would need to buy the digital copy of a game all over again.

Having said that, it also is unclear at this point whether you will still be able to play any games that you own a physical copy of after the ban, but considering games are licensed to your account this possibility seems unlikely. 

Personally, I think this particular ‘license limitation’ raises more questions than it answers: 

  • Could this mean that physical copies will need to be re-purchased too?
  • How would this ban affect re-selling a physical copy of a game should you want to take it to participating retailers? Will this require unlock codes?
  • Is that one game, you kindly shared and/or gave to a friend, now unusable for said friend?
  • And what will your family play when they've jetted to one of the 21 supported countries for a holiday, with their Xbox, and you've gone and been a complete div and gotten yourself banned from Xbox Live, leaving them without access to your “entire library”? -You div!

On the other hand, it’s good to remember that getting banned from XBL takes some serious contravening of the ‘Terms of Agreement’. But it can also be as easy as doing any one of these 9 things.

Microsoft has come under severe criticism and endless scrutiny because of their decision to implement mandatory ‘licensing limitations’ with their new Xbox One; even to the point that many current Xbox users have strongly considered defecting.

With more limitations coming to light as the launch date approaches, could there be more damaging surprises to come?

How does this announcement make you feel? Does this decision make sense to you?

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