Monday, 17 June 2013

(Pt.3) The 30 Best Internet reactions from E3 2013: An Essay In GIF’s

An so we come to the third and final part of an unnecessarily long list of GIFs. 

Hopefully you've been able to see them all and enjoyed the creativity of the internet. I also hope your computer hasn't choked and died as it tried to load all the GIFs at once.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Caption to this was: "Sony just ripped Microsoft's dick off and is waving it in their face."

"Microsoft Fan-base"

Game Of Thrones Special:

So there we have it! 

My list of my favourite 30 GIFs; some have been short, sweet and punchy, while others have been long but ridiculously apt in their message and conveyed thoughts and feelings that I'm sure most of us can sympathise with.

Have you seen any GIFs that you thought were well crafted and nicely matched the pitch/tone/feel of this years E3? Then feel free to post them bellow 

And let me know which of these 30 really tickled your belly.

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