Monday, 10 June 2013

'The Division' Is Ubisoft's Second New IP. It's Also An Open World RPG - Go Figure!

'The Division' is Ubisoft's second original IP announced just moments ago at E3.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment and is a next-gen open world, on-line RPG. 

'The Division' is set in an insanely realistic but bleak post apocalyptic future (yay!), where society appears to have taken a severe beating from a deadly virus/infection and all the complex social structures and systems of day-to-day life have fallen into chaos.

The game-play footage showed some interesting features that merely hinted at the games ambitions. 

From what was shown the on-line component was similar to a 'Red Dead Redemption' Multiplayer map in that players can drop in, group up and participate in combat against other on-line players; 'Ghost Recon' / 'Mass Effect' style game-play and combat, and a strong mood akin to 'The Last Us'

However, whilst the game-play footage was tantalising they spent an unnecessary amount of time building the setting and context of the world crisis before the demo that could have been spent elsewhere. Maybe, I don't know, explaining about some of the games' game-play features, or what sets it apart perhaps?

Nevertheless, the game boasted some beautiful graphics and nice detail with regards to in game physics -see the glass shattering as bullets shoot through the cars.

Some of the futuristic gadgetry used throughout the game-play footage felt familiar and indeed it reminded me of Dead Space 'floating' menus, but at the same time 'The Division' still managed to keep things looking fresh and unique.

Overall I'm pleased with how this game looks and it was a good end to a press conference that started well but lulled in the middle. However, until we learn more about it in general I'm going walk away from this one nonchalantly. 

Meh, I say, meh.

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