Friday, 14 June 2013

PS4 vs Xbox One Vote Held By Amazon, PS4 Winning by 94% – Insane!


Earlier this week the internet exploded into a flurry of activity as many watched Sony leisurely stride towards success, and an almost guaranteed win, following their more comprehensive unveiling of their PS4 console.

The internet reacted without a moment’s hesitation and plastered Sony’s victory lap across the web with the help of the much loved GIF and plenty of crudely edited screen caps and pictures. As ‘that day’ became history –both figuratively and literally- there have been plenty of battles between ‘console loyalists’ who have been aggressively backing the player they have invested the last 7 years of their time and money into.

Needless to say Sony has been getting a lot of attention and praise, by the community and industry professionals alike, for being the more ‘gamer friendly’ party.

Yet, while the love for Sony has been strong so has the support for Microsoft’s Xbox One and many loyal fans have jumped at the call to defend their console. So far, being able to quantify the levels of support for each console hasn't really been possible and is mostly based on a general ‘feeling’.

Until now.

Amazon is hosting a Facebook page offering the gaming community a chance to vote for the console they’re backing; a place to funnel all these feelings and battles into numbers that put words into statistics.

And, boy oh boy! Are the numbers impressive.

At the time of writing this, PS4 are leading with 28834 votes to Xbox One’s 1614. Wow! Just… Wow! That’s some undeniable proof of who the community is backing.

Now I don’t really like numbers, specifically because I sucked balls at Maths, but I think we can spend some time feeling like proper statistical analysts if we throw in some different representations of the same values.

That’s a ratio of:
9492:533 to PS4

As a percentage – and we all love percentages- it’s:

94.6833% in favour of PS4 against, 5.31671% for Xbox One.

So far that’s 5% of all voters who are backing the Xbox One. Ouch! Not great news for Microsoft, but I can’t even imagine how Kaz Hirai must be feeling.


More likely.

Sure, why not.

Maybe, but we can only wonder and then creatively capture our ideas in crude but endlessly hilarious GIF’s and pictures.

Still, the big question I’m also interested in is; why has Amazon done this? Do they want to contribute to the ongoing battering of Microsoft and the Xbox One? Probably not. Maybe they are fielding for the number of units they should be ordering for their warehouses, and are trying to avoid an overstock of a console that might just fall flat on its ... face – yeah not too hot on that metaphor.

They might be on to something, being as Amazon is already sold out of the Launch Edition of the PS4. 

Whatever their goal is from this Facebook page; the one thing they have achieved is allowing Playstation loyalists the opportunity to prematurely dance on the grave of Xbox One.

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