Monday, 17 June 2013

(Pt.2) The 30 Best Internet reactions from E3 2013: An Essay In GIF’s

[Fair warning, this post is full of Gif’s and I mean full of them. Like, leave this loading in another room for five minutes full of them - And possible Game of Thrones *SPOILERS*]

Welcome to part.2 of 'The 25 Best Internet reactions from E3 2013: An Essay In GIFs'.

If you followed this post from the beginning then you've come to the second half of my selection for some of, what I consider, the best internet reactions to E3 2013.

Here you'll find more of the internet's imagination captured in the much loved artistic medium of 'GIFs'.

Due to my lack of understanding of HTML I haven't been able to successfully create -show/hide- widgets that would allow me to put them all on one post, so please bare with me as there's one more to come.

I hope you've been able to see them all, and have enjoyed them so far.

Bit of context for this one: This was a Redditer's reaction to the Sony presentation. It escalated into all manner of craziness.

Game Of Thrones Special *SPOILERS*:

In order to prevent anyone's browser from imploding from the excessive number of GIF's I've got to show, I've decided to break up the post into 3 parts. 

Click PREVIOUS to see Pt.1                              Click NEXT to see Pt.3

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