Monday, 10 June 2013

Update: Mirrors Edge 2 Lives! IT LIVES!

UPDATE 10/06: Geoff Keighley of (@geoffkeighley) tweeted that the new Mirrors Edge trailer shown at this years E3 is not actually Mirrors Edge 2, but in fact an origins story. 

His tweet came shortly after EA made a press release following the end of their E3 presentation.

This announcement would explain why the main character, 'Faith', was getting her iconic tattoos applied during the trailer. So whilst it may not be a sequel the fact that there will be another Mirrors Edge is still something to be excited by.


ORIGINAL: EA's, recently considered -rather dramatically- the worst company of the year, ended their 2013 E3 presentation with the biggest show of love to fans in a long time.

Mirrors Edge 2 is now official! 

The game has been teased and rumoured often in the past few years that it was getting to a point of being down right cruel. There's only so much teasing we could take.

But now, the once acclaimed launch title for Xbox 360, and later PS3, is being given a new lease of life with the next generation consoles and we are very, very happy with this news.

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