Thanks for stumbling across or taking the time to visit 'Thrifty Arse gamer'. 

What is it about?

Very simply this is a blog about gaming and as the title suggests I'm cheap. Well not cheap but I'm not rolling in cash and I currently don't have steady stream of income. So it occurred to me; if I can’t afford all the latest titles but still want to game, then maybe there are some forgotten or unappreciated games at a more affordable price.

So my main focus is to review and talk about the common game found in a bargain bin or on the cheap, be it current gen or old gen platforms, that are worth your hard earnt moolah.

What can I expect?

Drivel. Crap. Completely unsubstantiated claims with very little, to no research.

Plus: Reviews of the most recent games (if I can afford them). I intend to be active about finding interesting news or unexpected announcements. I’ll share my thoughts on decisions and the latest developments in the gaming community and industry.

I'm bored. What else is there?

If 'Thrifty Arse Gamer' isn't doing for you but you’re feeling kind of hungry, then check out some of the finest sandwiches, specifically bagels! at 'The Daily Blagel' blog.

Why are doing this?

I really enjoy playing games, reading other peoples reviews and generally consider gaming to be one of my hobbies. However, I also appreciate games can be seen as a waste of time and not very productive, but that view is slowly changing and I think there are lots of productive ways to think about games. So I decided to start my own videogame blog. I see this as a stepping stone; hopefully, to bigger things later down the line.

Your comments are welcome and I appreciate any constructive feedback you feel like leaving. Finally, if you like what you read then please share it WITH THE WORLD!