Monday, 17 June 2013

(Pt.1) The 30 Best Internet reactions from E3 2013: An Essay In GIF’s

[Fair warning, this post is full of Gif’s and I mean full of them. Like, leave this loading in another room for five minutes full of them - And possible Game of Thrones *SPOILERS*]

E3 2013 is behind us, but it now holds the title of: ‘Most Mind Blowing and Memorable’
In the history of E3 conferences this one’s been big – nay, huge! 

In the months to come the community will be talking about this conference and asking each other, “Where were you when Sony announced their £349 price tag for the PS4 and no restrictions on Used Games?” or “Where were you when Nintendo announced Mega Man as a new character for the NEXT Super Smash Brothers?” and “What were you doing when Kyle Bosman, of, gave his first nerve wrecking live Final Bosman’ show?”

We’ve seen announcements as flabbergasting and flummoxing as a certain ‘rage quitting’ episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’. And we’ve had reactions filled with so much volatile zeal and passion it’s matched the reactions of fans from that particular episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Even though we’ve bid our farewells, we’re now looking towards a healthy future for the gaming industry. We do so as a reinvigorated fan-base energized for the next-gen consoles, new IP, and future developments based on the next-gen technology.

So as is customary with all E3 conventions (or at least since the GIF became more widespread on the web) the internet has provided us with some excellent summaries of the biggest moment(s) at E3 in tiny bite sized pieces.

Except from all those who decided to turn this into a bad grammar war. Looking at you Mr. Xbone sux lol !111!?

Regardless, whatever your feelings are about the Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo war, we can all agree that the Internet really brought it with the GIF’s.

Disclaimer: I’ve tried looking for a balanced selection across many sources (Tumblr, Reddit, ONTD, etc) but the internet will be the internet. Also if you find a GIF isn't loading then open it in a new tab and it will help. Enjoy!

Just a quick mention: This is probably my favourite out of all I've seen and I would urge you to  open it in a new tab and experience it's brilliant wit first hand!

Game of Thrones Special *SPOILERS*:

In order to prevent anyone's browser from imploding from the excessive number of GIF's I've got to show, I've decided to break up the post into 3 parts. 

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