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Update: Kojima’s Plan For ‘Zone of the Enders’ Sequel = Shut It Down!

Certain words shouldn't be taken literally. Cock-pit is one.

Hideo Kojima apologized to fans for the issues experienced in the new Z.O.E HD Collection, and asks; do we still want a Zone of the Enders sequel?

Recently on Hideoblog Kojima discussed the problems faced in converting Zone of the Enders to HD; significantly different hardware architectures between the PS2 & PS3 proved to be the chief setback. Furthermore, up-scaling the frame-rate from 30 fps to 60 fps hasn't been all too successful either. In his opinion the end result was a port that just didn't meet the performance standards expected by the original developers or the fans.

The Xbox 360 HD release has proven to be the best optimum version of this port showing a consistent frame-rate throughout, even during the most hectic-screen-busting battles. This is certainly not the first time that the Xbox 360 version has proven to be the more successful in multi-platform titles rates of overall performance.

In contrast, the PS3 version clearly suffers from regular frame-rate drops and an altogether lack of polish in most areas of the game; blocky edges, lack of bloom. You might say it’s another Konami failure ala Silent Hill HD Collection.

But “Good news everyone!” 

The problem is being addressed with a team working frantically on a patch to correct these niggles and hopefully make the experience smoother. However it’s interesting to note; Kojima pointed out the HD version wasn't handled by the original team. 

[Update:]  It was instead was outsourced to an independent games company called High Voltage Software who have made other such treasures as Star Wars Kinect and Victorious: Taking The Lead[Original:], so it’s safe to infer that this development was most likely subcontracted. 

Funny, I’m pretty sure we saw a similar situation recently with the Silent Hill HD Collection release. I think I’m starting to see a pattern emerge; (Konami -> ports much loved past popular franchises -> creates subpar HD update = DINERO!)

Of course the problem with a theory like that is; in the long run Konami forks out extra expenses in order to correct discrepancies and (possible) major performance issues that paying consumers experience with the end product. And that doesn't make good business sense.

The bad news - which evidently comes with all good news - is that the future of Z.O.E franchise is now left in question. After the rather disgruntled reception to the HD collection; everything involving the ‘Enders Project’, and I mean everything, has been put on hold for the time being. 

Producers have been pulled out; the development team has been dispersed and probably reintegrated into the amorphous hive mind currently working on the next double MGS whammy. 

But fear not! This isn't the definitive end to the next instalment of Z.O.E, it just means that until further notice it’s gone on hiatus. Indeed Kojima has stated that the direction of this franchise requires reassessment for the time being.

However what has puzzled me through all of this is; who pulled the plug on the “Enders Project”?

My concern is that since Kojima is head of Kojima Productions and has a penchant for theatrics (see: any big promotional work for any new title post MGS 2 - especially The Phantom Pain) and has proven to be not only cut throat when it comes to business, but an ass (see: Kojima Productions apology video for the lateness of Metal Gear Rising) and that he, in the wise words of Liz Lemon, has chosen to “Shut it down!”

In Layman’s terms: has Hideo Kojima's ego taken a blow?

Has this negative reception for what was his beloved brain child – subcontract development being considered and all – meant he is now uncertain as to whether people want a new Z.O.E title and needs reassurance from the fans, hence his asking listeners directly? Or does he need us to show our support for the franchise in order to convince executive members that there is a demand that needs to be met.

Hell; this idea is a chopping block for my head to rest on but I’m genuinely interested in hearing your opinions on the matter. Of course I can only speak from my understanding and reading of information around events so please understand that this is my opinion that no one- at least that I’m aware of- shares.

[UPDATE 5-May-13: Zone of the Enders HD Collection was outsourced for development to an independent game company called High Voltage Software (HVS)]

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