Thursday, 18 April 2013

Monster Hunter Online Powered With Cry Engine 3 Tech. Looking Good!

Today it has come to light, through multiple sources, that Capcom and Tencent Games have come together to birth the digital offspring ‘Monster Hunter Online’. Which means, yep you've guessed it, this next installment is going to be an free-to-play MMO and whilst that in itself is interesting, this is only trumped by the very fact that it's being developed on the Cry Engine 3

Helpfully they've released a debut trailer to help whet your appetite and to remind you of what you already know - there will be slashing, rolling, jumping, rawing, etc. You can see it all below in glorious 720p:

Looking at the video and some of the screen caps already released, it's showing some lush visuals, greater detail and just an overall improvement on the somewhat tired and blocky staple graphics we've come to expect from the franchise.

Don't misunderstand me; these graphics aren't anything to lord over considering Tera Online has probably some of the best graphics (unofficially) for an MMO around – followed closely by Guild Wars 2. However regarding the Monster Hunter franchise as a whole, it's interesting and exciting to see Capcom take some risks with one of their biggest franchises, but only time will tell how refined and detailed this game will end up being.

‘Monster Hunter Online’ marks the second time that the franchise has broached MMO territories with the first being released back in 2007 on Windows, and then later on the Xbox back in 2010. This title, however, was only released in Japanese and Korean shores. 

Rest assured Campcom has confirmed ‘Monster Hunter Online’ is not just a visual upgrade of its 2007 title. It is a completely new, and different, beast.

‘Monster Hunter Online’ has so far been confirmed only for Japan with rumours suggesting global availability after full release. The beta is being conducted in China and starts on the 6th July 2013.

If you fancy looking at more plush, green rendered graphics with scaly and furry monsters alike, it can be seen here at!

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