Thursday, 7 February 2013

PS4 in stores for Xmas 2013. Your play Microsoft.


Sources suggest that Sony is aiming to have the PS4 out and in stores for Christmas this year.

This insight comes from Japan's news source The Asahi Shimbun

They go on to state that the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., 'will announce the launch at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York on Feb. 20.'

Their article goes on to explain confirmed features of the new PS4 such as 'cross-discipline use', 'touchpad controllers', 'a dedicated "share" button', yadda yadda yadda.

With rumours running rampant, and largely unchecked, regarding the specs and possibilites of both the Orbis and Durango, this should be getting many enthusiasts excited. 

Surely with such an announcement details about the new PS4 might start emerging, closely followed by announcements for the Xbox 720, maybe? Of course it's important to take this information as mere speculation for the time being. 

Personally I'm not behind the hype or excitement for the new hardware. I still very much love the enduring life of the PS3, as developers push it to make even greater whirring noises. 

How do you feel after reading this news? There's the high possibility of a launch date on the horizon. Can we expect to see the PS4 by the end of the year? And what of Microsoft's' 'Durango' - what's your feelings on the currently elusive piece of hardware?

By Rod-the-Pod, 07-Feb-2013

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